Welcome to Purely Mindful

Purely Mindful offers Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching, utilising proven techniques to assist clients to make the positive changes they want for their life. At Purely Mindful we understand that change can be a little scary and feelling a bit apprehensive is completely normal.  We offer a supportive and encouraging environment, where our clients can explore the endless possibilities available to them as they are able to unlock their potential.

Counselling, coaching and hypnotherapy is so much more than dealing with life’s problems, there have been many occasions where clients have used these services as a form of self-care and a platform to explore their untapped potential. These gentle and effective tools assist clients to develop and achieve goals for their future in a safe and relaxed environment.

Health fund rebates are available – contact for more information


Hypnotherapy is a very gentle practice which enables long lasting changes to be made at the level of the unconscious mind. Through effectively using hypnotherapy it is possible to address many areas of your life


Hypnofertility is a powerful form of therapy and when used in conjunction with assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF, IUI, naturopathy and assistance with natural fertility methods; it may help you conceive.


Hypnobirthing Australia™ is a comprehensive childbirth education program which seeks to empower you along your birthing journey. It is a combination of ancient wisdom, modern theory and a variety of other techniques and philosophies.

What an amazing service you offer Jo! Your Hypnobirthing course is absolutely brilliant, informative and useful. So excited to be able to support my beautiful friend Lynsey as she gets ready to welcome her first born son into the world! Thank you for making us so welcome in your home, it’s been a pleasure xx


Jo is an amazing welcoming women. Hypnobirthing classes were awesome. I’m so looking forward to using the techniques she has taught me through out my homebirth. Wish classes could happen every week. Highly recommend!!! Soon as you step into the class environment you felt relaxed.


I  am so grateful to have met Jo and shared in her Hypnobirthing course. She was so accommodating, flexible, kind and nurturing and it has made the world of difference to my mindset throughout pregnancy. I HIGHLY recommend Jo! Xx