Wondering what all the hype around hypnosis is all about?  A lot of people that I come across, are acutely unaware of what clinical hypnotherapy is and how it might be able to help them in every day life.  Mostly I get asked if I will “make them cluck like a chicken”, short answer – No!but I will save the myth busting for another time!  What I really want to share today about how this gentle form of therapy can be transformative and gentle and help you get where you need to go.

What a lot of people don’t realise, and it is important to acknowledge, that hypnosis is normal state of mind and the average person experiences states of hypnosis each and every day.  Think of the daydreams, being so absorbed in a movie or book that you feel like you are there, driving down the freeway and wondering how you missed all those exits without even noticing.  These are just a few examples of being in a hypnotic state.  So perhaps hypnosis isn’t so scary after all?

We all have baggage of some sort and sometimes our baggage can weigh a little more than we would like in our lives.  Hypnotherapy is about lightening the load and helping a person to work out what is and isn’t working in their lives.  In general, through our everyday lives, we have been told what to do and how to manage situations and even what works for everyone else when it comes to issues that may be impacting us.  But listening to these views and opinions is a simple case of Groundhog Day, whereby you  are repeating the same process over and over and over again.  Simply put, sorting problems by telling people how to do things isn’t as effective as you or me solving our own issues using our own amazing internal resources. 

Seriously, when it comes to changing our lives, we have some hidden superpowers waiting to be unleashed. That is where hypnotherapy is incredibly useful and helpful.  When a person experiences hypnosis in a professional setting, barriers that are inhibiting change are reduced and they become more open to releasing all that is holding them back, bringing their powerful skills and abilities to the fore.  This is where true and lasting changing can be made.

Need a little more?  There is plenty of evidence out there to support he applications of hypnosis and its benefits.  Whilst hypnosis has it’s roots deep through out history, the science behind it growing with research being undertaking being undertaken with increasing regularity.  There are studies noting the benefits of hypnosis in treatments of pain control, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, anxiety, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Dentistry to name a few.

If you are curious to know more about this form of treatment and how it may help you enhance your life and circumstances, I would encourage you to get in touch  with a reputable and qualified hypnotherapist and talk about any concerns you may have and to see if this is the right fit for you.

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