All women are born with the knowledge of how to birth, what we have lost is the ability to trust ourselves and our bodies and our innate knowledge around birth. We have all seen the dramatic movie scenes of a red-faced woman screaming her lungs out during birth. It is those sorts of scenes that most of us will think of when we think about birth. Thankfully there is a wonderful calm, positive and empowering alternative.

Hypnobirthing Australia™ is a comprehensive childbirth education program which seeks to empower you along your birthing journey. It is a combination of ancient wisdom, modern theory and a variety of other techniques and philosophies. When you approach birth with knowledge, good support and tools you also create a positive and empowering birth experience.

This approach will show you how to remove fears you may have around birth whilst knowing and learning how to work with your body and your baby to have the best possible birth experience. The core aim is to create a sense of deep relaxation, for it is in this state of deep relaxation that your body will release endorphins. When your body releases its own natural relaxant, endorphins, a calm birth results.

During your hypnobirthing classes you will develop your understanding of the birthing process by looking at what happens during labour and birth, you will develop a tool kit of guided relaxation techniques including visualisations and self-hypnosis. You will also learn a variety of breathing techniques, massage skills and develop an understanding of how the mind, body and spirit are connected. It is through understanding this connections that it is possible to shift any negative belief systems or fears regarding birth.  The techniques learnt during these classes may be applied to a variety of scenarios including VBAC or C-Section as well as natural birth. You will have skills to promote a positive birth experience whilst being well prepared for whatever turns your birth may take.

The Hypnobirthing Australia program is taught over four units which are covered in our two-day program. There is also an option for a private program scheduled at your convenience.

Course Outline

Unit 1
Introduction to the positive mindset of hypnobirthing
Causes of fear (including history) and how it affects our labour
The role of our caregivers
Mind/body connection
What is hypnosis and how will we use it for birthing
Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome
My amazing uterus – understanding the physiology of birthing
Our hormones are our friends
Reprogramming the subconscious
Birthing environment
The language for empowered birthing
The power of affirmations

Unit 3
Visualisations for pregnancy and birth
Pre-birth bonding
Bonding with baby at birth
“guess date” – a normal range for pregnancy
Inductions – the things you are not always told
Achieving a natural start to labour
Instant relaxation techniques
Self-hypnosis to practice alone
Using triggers, anchors, suggestions, self-hypnosis during pregnancy and birth
Hypnosis/relaxation scripts and prompts for partners

Unit 2
Conditioning techniques for birth
Hypnosis tracks, birth music, aromatherapy
Releasing endorphins through touch
Choices in maternity care
Maintaining a healthy diet=
Staying active – exercise during pregnancy
Tips for Optimal Foetal Positioning
The importance of facial relaxation
Relaxation breathing – a skill for life
Surge breathing – the best tool ever
The “urge” to push/bear down – breathing down

Unit 4
Birth preferences – the importance of open communication with your caregivers
Special circumstances
Membranes releasing
Questions to help you make good decisions
Birth companion as an advocate
Your rights as a child bearing woman
Breech or Posterior – options and positions
Hypnosis for releasing fears
What to expect through labour and birth
When to call the midwife/go to the hospital
Birthing positions
The birth partner’s role
Cord clamping & placenta delivery
Undisturbed bonding/breastfeeding time – skin to skin
Hypnosis – rehearsal for Birth

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