Primary or secondary infertility and recurrent loss/miscarriage is an emotional journey to travel. Perhaps it is one that you surprisingly found yourself on, despite family and friends easily falling pregnant. In your own journey, you have likely heard many sad tales of loss and/or infertility – stories you can now relate to all to well.

Well-intentioned friends and family may try to comfort you with platitudes of “relax and it will happen” or perhaps “it’s just not that easy to have children”.  An unfortunate consequence of these conversations is that there is a subtle underlying negativity. These comments may stick to you and filter through into your own thoughts and feelings adding to your emotional stress. It is well documented that stress and stress hormones do not promote an environment that is conducive towards pregnancy.

Everywhere you turn there is an abundance of information and professional and personal opinions about what you should or shouldn’t be doing in your journey to parenthood. It is highly likely you have modified your diet and lifestyle in an effort to reduce and eliminate any toxins that may impact your ability to fall pregnant. There is also a strong connection between the mind and body – your thoughts and feelings directly influence and affect your body. Perhaps the mind-body connection is the missing piece of the puzzle for you, particularly if you have addressed all the other avenues.

Have you closely examined the stories you are telling yourself particularly around your fertility? Have you addressed your anxiety and the worry you feel around your fertility and conceiving?

One of the key aspects of this therapy is the transformation of negative thoughts and fearful energy into a powerful positive force.  Hypnotherapy does not require expensive drugs or equipment and has been found to be beneficial to both male and female parents to be.

Hypnofertility is a powerful form of therapy and when used in conjunction with assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF, IUI, naturopathy and assistance with natural fertility methods; it may help you conceive.

At Purely Mindful, we offer a holistic program that seeks to increase your personal empowerment, inner peace, self-confidence and also works at reducing your stress levels. You will also learn strategies that will enable you to develop a compassionate attitude towards your own circumstances. Our ultimate goal working together is to give you additional skills that may help with creating the family you desire.

I trained with Lynsi Eastburn, the originator of HypnoFertility. Jo now specialises in HypnoFertilty and works with women over three ovulation cycles. In your sessions with me, you will address the issues that arise when presented with primary and/or secondary infertility or recurrent loss/miscarriage.  Through my own direct personal experience in using HypnoFertility, I understand your worries and concerns. In your sessions, we will walk together through the highs and lows of your journey to parenthood.  I am passionate about helping people create the beautiful families they long for, whilst also helping them heal through the use of this technique.

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