My hubby and I utilised Jo’s services for the birth of our second child. Our first was born in six hours drug free using hypnobirthing strategies and we needed a refresher as well as tips to deal with my personal fear of birthing at home alone. Jo went through the material, spending time focusing on areas where we had knowledge gaps or where we showed a special interest. She was very knowledgeable and supportive. My son was born in two hours, with an hour of that time spent travelling from Mandurah to Subiaco, where we arrived with 15 minutes to spare before his birth. My husband was able to be supportive and keep me calm and relaxed using techniques learnt in the class. As a result of hypnobirthing, I was able to birth my little 10 pound tank without drugs and without letting my fear of birthing at home or in the car take control of my experience. We couldn’t be prouder. Thanks Jo for assisting us to have another wonderful birth experience.


I underwent a hypnotherapy session with Jo.  Initially she asked me some questions about myself and she managed to identify some issues that were affecting my self esteem and confidence.  These issues were so ingrained in my perspective that I hadn’t even been aware of them and the effect that they were having on my day to day life.  She then began the hypnotherapy, and I was aware of very little, apart from her voice. The few noises that I could hear, like water outside in the garden, or children laughing  she was able to incorporate into the session and instead of being alarming they reinforced the hypnosis .  Afterwards, I felt an inner peace and clarity that I can still tap into, now, months later. I can’t wait to return to her and shed my insecurity in such a peaceful and calm way! Thanks again Jo for all your help and support !


I first heard about hypnobirthing from one of the ladies in my pre-natal yoga class (who I found out later was also doing hypnobirthing with Jo). I convinced my very sceptical husband to come along to the classes. From the moment we entered Jo’s house she made us feel welcome & totally at ease. The material is very thorough & in depth, however Jo has a great way of explaining it all & making it fun. I have throughly enjoyed the course & Jo has even managed to change my husbands perspective on how calm & relaxed labour can be. We are now both excited to put all the techniques learnt into practice for the arrival of our first baby. I highly recommend doing hypnobirthing with Jo & will be singing her praise to anyone that will listen. Thank you again.


Jo is an amazing welcoming women. Hypnobirthing classes were awesome. I’m so looking forward to using the techniques she has taught me through out my homebirth. Wish classes could happen every week. Highly recommend!!! Soon as you step into the class environment you felt relaxed.


I began seeing Jo because I wasn’t feeling like the best version of me. I knew there was room for positive change and I have certainly achieved this since I commenced hypnotherapy. I went with an open mind and my mind was indeed opened further. Jo has the most gentle, kind and caring nature and subsequently has chosen the perfect career – she is nothing short of amazing, she has helped change my life. I could listen to her all day, I wish I had a mini Jo in my pocket all day


I  am so grateful to have met Jo and shared in her Hypnobirthing course. She was so accommodating, flexible, kind and nurturing and it has made the world of difference to my mindset throughout pregnancy. I HIGHLY recommend Jo! Xx


Dear Jo, I just wanted to say a big thank you for your sessions with me and helping me relax prior to and for my wedding. I came to you a nervous wreck and was terrified of the whole wedding ceremony process. Not only did you alleviate my fears you made sure I could enjoy the whole day. You are the most beautiful and kindest soul and exude a calming presence. I look forward to our next sessions!!


What an amazing service you offer Jo! Your Hypnobirthing course is absolutely brilliant, informative and useful. So excited to be able to support my beautiful friend Lynsey as she gets ready to welcome her first born son into the world! Thank you for making us so welcome in your home, it’s been a pleasure xx