I will be the first to admit I have had plenty of phobias and fears in my life, spiders, snakes, blue ringed octopus, flying, dying….just to name a few of the what seems like a million of them. I still don’t love any of them, particularly spiders, but I am no longer crippled by the fear that would completely encapsulate me. 

I have moments in my life which I now look back on and wonder what other people must have thought when they saw me, in the midst of saving my life (or that of my son) from a huntsman spider.  For Aussies know, that the huntsman is a completely harmless spider, but isn’t the most pleasant species to look at.  I remember we were getting ready for my 30th birthday out the back and a huntsman spider ran across the bricks, my fight or flight kicked in like the flash and I slid my arms under my sons arms and he became airborne as I hurled him to safety (we still laugh about it to this day).  My dad stood there calmly looking at me with a bit of a smirk. The thing about these phobias is that I was inadvertently passing them on to my kids. My daughters would release blood curdling screams every time they saw a tiny spider.  Let me tell you, it was not fun.

When I was pregnant with my fourth child, I had such an incredible fear of something going wrong and this intense a fear of dying.  Now I was considered maternally to be of geriatric age (once you hit 36 you are considered old AF in the obstetric world).  So, the opinions and concerns about my age were not helping.  But I was pregnant and that wasn’t about to change, so I did a lot of work and released those fears and phobias.  How?  I completed the Hypnobirthing Australia program, for which I now teach others.  This program was absolutely incredible, helping my learning about childbirth, looking at the statistics without the catastrophising eyes and really stepping into my own ability to have a calm birthing experience.  I would be lying if I said it was completely calm all the time, I wasn’t, but what I could do, was rationalise those thoughts that crept in and tell them to leave and allow me to experience calm. 

Over a period, after releasing these fears of mine around the birth of my daughter, it was really awesome to notice that other fears I had, started to dissipate as well.  I let go of my need to control the world and its little creatures and was able to look at things more objectively.  When I saw a spider, I was OK, I didn’t love it, but was able to deal with it.  Most importantly, without hurling children into the safe zone and without the heart palpitations.  My daughters woke up a few weeks ago and came and calmly told me that there was a spider outside there room, then they went and sorted their breakfast like it was no big deal.  I was super impressed that we had gone from the screams from a horror movie to this! 

It’s the ripple effect and I really love it when I see evidence of it working and building in my life.  It is incredible to stand back and notice how that rock in the pond has filtered through so many different areas of your life. Hypnotherapy works like that too, a person will address an issue with the techniques used in hypnotherapy, and it can ripple out to various areas and points in their lives.  It is a joy to experience this myself, but to also see how others experience it too.  Best part is I get to be a part of that journey and hear the amazing waves that my clients are making in their lives.

If you have a niggling fear or a crippling fear that you would like to kick to the curb, contact me on 0419 915 589 or fill in your details here www.purelymindful.com.au/contact  Helping you smash those fears and phobias would be amazing, incredible and all things brilliant.

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