What is HypnoFertility?

HypnoFertility addresses the emotional aspects of fertility proving healing, support and a powerful mindset. It allows you to shift thoughts which holds us back and helps you to achieve a mindset for conception. This holistic program creates a team where you are supported, encouraged and empowered on your journey through the challenges of fertility and conception. 

 Often, the amount of stress conceiving can place on people, their relationships and life in general passes by unnoticed.  When you add in some complications and a medical intervention, things are get challenging.  Globally, fertility issues are experienced by women and men with various aspects of people’s lives being affected. Hypnofertility is a scientifically recognised therapy aimed at overcoming those challenges.  

 HypnoFertility focuses on much more than simply fertility.  When experiencing issues in fertility, we often blame our body for not doing what it is meant to do.  We are so hard on ourselves for things which are often beyond our control.  The proven connection between our mind and body affirms that when we treat ourselves with kindness and love our mind and body respond accordingly.  Whether you are male, female, single or coupled, your fertility journey has a profound impact on your well-being and how you manage circumstances in your life. 

 To better understand how HypnoFertility works, you need to understand the mind/body connection.  The reality is, without our mind, our body would not function.  Your brain is responsible for trillions of unconscious activities every second of every day.  To name a few amazing things we do unconsciously, we breathe without thought, move our body and heal wounds.  Our sub-conscious stores everything we have ever learned, our beliefs, our emotions, memories; it is like a computer full of files for absolutely everything you can imagine. When our mind and body are not working together in harmony, things we expect our body to do, don’t always go according to plan.

 The Hypnofertility program builds inner confidence and magnifies your empowerment to create inner peace supporting the conception of your much-loved child.  The program continues through your pregnancy, enabling you to feel supported and allow you to reduce stress during the first trimester.  HypnoFertility incorporates gentle techniques of Hypnotherapy, healing past experiences, removing stress and giving your power back to feel in control again.  Hypnofertility addresses the emotional impacts fertility issues have as well as the physiological issues, using a variety of tools, including hypnotherapy, visualisation, self-hypnosis and affirmations. 

 If you would like more information about our Hypnofertility programs, please contact jo@purelymindful.com.au


  • Lee
    Posted August 12, 2018

    Sounds interesting. I haven’t heard about hypnofertility before. Is this a new fertility treatment? I had problems in the past getting pregnant, and thought I had tried everything, but I didn’t come across hypnofertility. If I had, I would have tried it! I hope more people hear about it and have the opportunity to add another tool/treatment to their fertility journey.

    • Jo Tarbotton
      Posted August 14, 2018

      Hi, Thank you for your message. It isn’t a new treatment, however it isn’t one that is advertised often. There is more and more research coming forward about the mind/body connection and how it can make such a difference in people’s lives. I appreciate your comments and am looking forward to helping as many people as I can during their fertility journey. Jo xx

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