We work hard for the money. So hard for the money. We work hard for the money and you better treat us right. Diana Ross, Australians agree with you! We even have laws to ensure that when we buy goods and services, we are treated right.

You have the most rancid case of gas after a weekend of frivolity and debauchery.  The chemist assures you ‘Beano’ is their best seller.  But a week later your yoga teacher pulls you aside and suggests that in the future you may be best positioned near the window at the back of the studio; You pay a Personal Trainer for two years and you still can’t fit into your skinny jeans.  The trainer has not provided the outcome you expected.  Do you get your money back? (I wish!); Don’t even get me started on whether the bureau of meteorology should be held accountable for their nightly forecasts! 

The answer, if you hadn’t worked it out, is “No!” 

The service industry by default creates a relationship between the provider and the consumer. When you buy a product, it is easy to conclude whether you got value for money. Usually, you do a bit of research online to find something with features you want, trusted brands and price. When you are purchasing a service there are many factors that influence your purchasing decision. As with buying a product, you will often research different providers online. Perhaps location is important or qualifications of the provider. The value you attach to those elements is up to you.  

If there are no guarantees, how do I know I am getting a value service?

There are a number of ways to protect yourself as a consumer so that you receive a high quality and professional service.  There are roles that require specific qualifications in order to practice and professional associations that provide a register of members that have proven their qualifications.  

  • Testimonials can be useful when you are looking for the right practitioner.  However, in today’s digital world, we can’t trust all the quotes a business may post on their website. They may encourage you to find out more information about the service, rather than the sole reason for choosing their service. 
  • Personal recommendations from trusted friends and family are great and you may go straight to that provider without further research. 
  • Essentially, two service providers may hold the same qualification, practising for the same length of time, located within the same building, but for whatever reason, Provider A really seems to “get you” and you feel at ease the minute you walk in the door. As long as you do your due diligence to verify the provider is qualified, the decision can be largely based on the initial points of contact you have with the provider.  Were your attempts to contact the provider responded to in a reasonable time and manner? Did you understand the language used by the practitioner?   
  • Finally, the key element to getting what you paid for is being really clear about what you are expecting as a consumer and that the practitioner is able to clearly communicate whether they can meet those expectations, and if not, what can they can provide.  

So, do does Purely Mindful offer money-back guarantees?

I don’t offer a money back guarantee.  When I first meet clients, we discuss our expectations to ensure you make an informed decision about working with me.  Above all else, I view my relationship with clients as a team. We don’t just work together, we combine our efforts toward your goal and importantly, we trust each other. 

Where to from here? 

The Purely Mindful website is a great starting point to find out how hypnotherapy is used to address a variety of issues and more about why I work with women’s health and fertility.  Although I cringe at the word, I am passionate about infertility.  I have experienced it myself and now have FOUR amazing children.

So, checkout the Associations in Australia, read a bit more about me and why I do what I do, but remember, your therapist needs to be someone YOU feel comfortable with, someone you understand and someone that understands you.  You can only know this by connecting with them and talking about what you want. 

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In life there are very few guarantees, particularly for those things out of our control, particularly for those things out of our control.

However, what I can guarantee 100%,I want you to reach your goal just as much as you do!

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